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Welcome to the Sleep Clinic

Welcome to the Sleep Clinics of Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and London, Ontario.  Established in 1994, we were the first community-based sleep clinics in South Western Ontario. Our clinic laid the foundation for the evolution of other sleep labs in Waterloo Region. From the beginning, our main objective has been to uphold high quality and incomparable patient care. Timely results, efficiency, professionalism, and above all, “care and respect” for our patients is our pivotal goal.

We offer a comprehensive clinical facility that diagnoses and treats the full spectrum of sleep/wakeful disorders.  Our Medical Director has attained the highest distinction in the field of Sleep Medicine and is certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. Our Associate Physician undergoes comprehensive Continuing Medical Education to stay current on sleep related issues. Our fully equipped sleep laboratories offer full polysomnograph testing (overnight and daytime sleep testing) as well as clinical assessments to provide accurate diagnosis and arrange appropriate treatment options.

Our staff is here to help with all your sleep medicine questions.  In addition, feel free to navigate our website for further information that may be helpful.


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